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Skull Canyon Zipline


A little history surrounding Skull Canyon:
Skull Canyon is in the rapidly developing Inland Empire portion of Southern California more specifically South Corona’s own Temescal Canyon, which starts on the eastern side nestled in the Estelle Mountain Nature Reserve. This Parcel (Skull Canyon) gives the visitor a unique opportunity to see this areas flora and fauna in an undisturbed setting.

Why the name Skull Canyon? The name has actually changed over the years. A quick story…. the owners are actually farmers. So after talking to another farmer one Sunday, Manny said, “We need to buy this property together.” Which is actually two 80-acre parcels. We were each going to get 80 acres. Nothing happened. One day Manny called and said “I have no business buying land because I have terminal cancer and we can’t do this deal.” So he gave us Mr. Farley’s phone number and said, “You have to buy it. Good Luck! You need to call Mr. Farley (the owner of the property) tomorrow.” After three years of negotiating, obtaining easements and funds, it was purchased. All we can say is “thank you Manny!”

Through all this the new owners’ children heard the name Farley so many times they started calling it Farleyland. Once purchased the children and owners wanted to go hiking to see what they bought. One Sunday while hiking up the canyon the kids found a coyote skull in good shape. The skull was placed on a rock for everybody to see. Then came winter and it was a wet one. The flood carried the skull away. The children were sincerely devastated. About six months later while hiking down the canyon, the same skull was found again! Since then, Skull Canyon is here to stay! And the skull is in a safe place.

Prices Are Per Person

$85.00 Original Course
$115.00 Extreme Course
$160.00 Monster Course
$40.00 Final zipline on Extreme Course
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We are a member of ACCT Association for Challenge Course Technology and a member of PRCA Professional Ropes Course Association.

Skull Canyon Zipline

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